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Is it kid friendly

It is, it also got a menu for both kids and adults.

Can you use debit card?

Yes they accept all kinds of cards

on the special nights- Oiran Night, POP CULTURE Night, and gogo night, at what hour the event show begin?

○Oiran Night 8PM every Tuesday ○Tokyo pop culture Night 8PM every Wednesday ○Burlesque Night 8PM every Thursday *GoGo Night They don't do it anymore !

(Translated by Google) Can I enter without a reservation? (Original) 予約なしでも入れますか?

(Translated by Google) Reservation, even without I will put it in the shop! On holidays, there is a huge array of firewood (Original) 予約、してもしなくても お店には入れますよ! 休日は、物凄く並ぶ✨

Are children allowed in here

Children are generally allowed except for some evenings when they have more adult content.

are the waiters fast

Yes average

Can I book online to attend in the day?

I booked through viator. They do have their own website also

Hello..anyone know what time is the show start? And what time should i reach there?

There are different show times, you have to make a reservation to get a guaranteed seat. It depends on what day and what show you want to catch. The website has a calendar!

(Translated by Google) I'm sorry, but I'd like to have dinner here, but can I order cute food at night as well? (Original) すみませんが、夕食はここに食べたいんですが、夜もかわいい食べ物を注文できますか?

(Translated by Google) I went to the night, but ordered ordinarily (Original) 夜行きましたが普通に注文できましたよ

(Translated by Google) Colorful spaghetti's The guy like the source is Is it all the wrong taste? (Original) カラフルスパゲッティの ソースみたいなやつは、 すべて味違いますか?

(Translated by Google) The taste of the source is completely different (Original) ソースの味 全部違います

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